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Chinwe Enyinna, MPH, BSN is an emerging public health professional with over 7 years of experience in gender and gender-based violence (GBV) advocacy, primary health care, and Adult nursing in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about tackling inequalities and contributing to a sustainable and fair world. She has spoken on women's empowerment, women's participation in politics, and tackling violence against women and girls on various platforms. She has also published articles on the prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV) on various platforms. Chinwe is actively engaged in local advocacy campaigns for domestic abuse survivors which led her to establish “The survivor Hub”, a non-profit organisation in Nigeria which raises awareness of Intimate Partner Violence and supports survivors to seek help, heal and rebuild their lives.

A New Chapter

Focusing on all things Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

Chinwe experienced emotional abuse in a traditional marriage in Nigeria that ended in just 3 months, the experience and eventually, the breakup was very tough and so difficult for her to process.  She felt shame, failure, and disappointment, and labels were placed on her by society.  On a fateful day, she decided to no longer pay any heed to what people had to say, focused on self-love and re-inventing herself, finding a way to use what was meant to break her to serve the world positively.  

She is currently on a journey of becoming more and evolving every day. Today, she uses her voice to speak up against social inequalities and injustice women face in the society.

Dear woman, I can relate to the shame, stigma, rumours, discrimination and so many things associated with experiencing IPV especially in Africa. I can relate with the struggle and the fear of unknown associated with it. So many women have lost their lives in silence because most people do not want to have this conversation as is considered sensitive in some parts of the world .I’m here to tell you that you are not alone .You have the power within you to rediscover and rebuild your life. I will shed light on issues around IPV that the society frowns upon through my monthly newsletter called Sharing without borders. Sign up by subscribing to my newsletter.


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